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Hello friends! I hope everyone had a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Summer is just around the corner, so I am putting together my porch and planting a few flowers. The weather has been beautiful, and being outside with a freshly decorated sitting area feels so goo! I wanted to share a few different outdoor rugs […]

Outdoor Rugs and Planters Perfect for Summer!

Rugs, Rugs, and more rugs! Cottage Farmhouse rugs are one of my favorite things to collect. Is that really a thing? In our home, Michael will say it totally is. Either way, I have found some of the best rugs that will work for winter and well just anytime in your home. There is no […]

Cottage Farmhouse Rugs

Hey friends! The new year is in full force and what kind of entrance did it make! The time has came for me to share my favorite cozy must haves to start off the year. Starting off the new year with a fresh blank canvas. This is my favorite way to bring in these new […]

Cozy Must Haves For 2022

Do you love topiary? Sometimes in life you can not find what you need from a local store, right? These DIY Faux Topiary trees were one of these things for me. I have a few real topiaries but I can not head out to my local stores to pick them up unfortunately. I wanted to […]

DIY Topiary

Summer Topiary

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