I truly hope to inspire others to create fun messy projects with me. Thank you for coming to see what adventure is in store in the home today that I can share with you!

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Oh, how we love some old fashion treats that are for the Christmas season! Old fashion candy just brings something back every bite from my childhood. As a child, I can remember always going to the Old Fashion Candy Kitchen in Gatlinburg, TN picking out the haystacks, chocolate, and taffy, This was such a highlight […]

Old Fashion Christmas Treats

Christmas Candy recipes

The holiday season is always the best time for all the yummy treats to always be in the house. This is the time of the year that I look forward to all of the food. The best way we have found to have all the goods is to keep a charcuterie board out all the […]

Holiday Charcuterie Board Treats

Many times often then not we will push the uncomfortable things under the rug. This was what I use to do with charcuterie boards. The past few months I have tried to find a way to make these fun and style, not so much work. I think that I have finally figured out what works […]

Learning Fun Charcuterie Boards

dessert charcuterie board

Many of you have heard about the Keto diet. There are many different types of the Keto Diet and sometimes it is hard to get the ingredients you need to make the drinks or even recipes. I have been on the Keto diet for over two years but, I love my coffee. Once my state […]

Keto Coffee Made Simple

Who knew baking and sharing with all of you would be so much! I started by sharing in stories on my Instagram and many of you asked if I could share them here on the blog! Now three blog posts in and I am loving it! This past weekend I decided to make a simple […]

Fun and Easy Strawberry Pineapple Spring Cake

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